Youth Soccer League Player Registration Process & Confirmation

If you are a new user, click on create an account, fill out all of the fields, and then click on Register.

If a returning family to the program, click on Register. Use your existing account. You do not have to re-create a new account for each season. You can edit your family account at any time, e.g. your phone, address or e-mail information.

When your registration is done, the soccer online registration program will send you a confirming e-mail.

You can register one of two ways:

1. As an individual: MSCR will place you on a team in your school/zip code area, or by your selected field site. Indicate if you are a new or returning player.

2. If on a returning team: Indicate your team name and coach' name and a few of the other players (full names spelled correctly) on the team. Be sure that your team is returning before registering. Check in with the past families on the team prior to registering. If you have a partial team returning, MSCR can add players to your team if you need additional players.

Once you have registered, your team site is opened/completed (about 7 days prior to the start of the season) use your e-mail and family password (click on "forgot password" if you don't know it) to get into your team site by clicking your team name. If you would like to change teams from season to season, let us know that.

You will receive a schedule and roster about 7 days prior to the start of the season. We hand schedule the league, trying to schedule siblings in different age brackets , in back-to-back games when we can. 75% of our teams have players with siblings on other teams. It takes some time to get the rosters and schedules organized. 

Player Information Updates: You can enter changes to your personal information after registering (e.g. phone and e-mail, address info), but you cannot change field locations, other enrollment information and must call MSCR to make those changes once you have registered.

Meeting the registration deadline: This program now serves 900+ youth each season. We must be firm with our deadlines. Coaches: please help us by communicating well with your families prior to registering. We have added a late registration fee to the program, as it takes more time to add late players to already formulated teamsAsk that they all register individually, with the same team name, and coach, if known at the time of registration. Please be sure to tell us if you want players added to your team. If you do not have the minimum number of players registered for your team by the deadline, MSCR may add players to your team. If after the deadline you want to add more players that you or your families have found, we will not move the players that we had already added prior to the deadline. You must be on time. Be sure to encourage on time registration with your families. We are growing and need your help!

Waiting List players: If registering during the waiting list period, your choices will be limited on who you want to play with, where and when. Sibling scheduling issues cannot be accommodated if registering during this late registration period.