MSCR Youth T-Ball Rules

Players on each team will bat two times and play defense two times per game.  If time permits then teams will be allowed to continue playing (up to 45 minutes total in length.)  Each game MUST start and end on time, so coaches should write out their batting order before the game begins.

All players will play a position on defense.  However, the Infield is limited to 6 players (First, Second, Shortstop, Third, and two Pitchers) all remaining players will be positioned in the Outfield.  The catcher position is NOT used in the MSCR youth baseball program.

MSCR staff will be responsible for putting the ball on the tee to begin each at-bat.
Note:   The ball will be placed on the tee by a designated MSCR staff member.  The MSCR staff member will tell each batter when it is time to safely SWING the bat.  It is also a good practice to have an offensive team coach supervising their batters as they come up to begin their at-bat. 

All batters and base-runners MUST wear helmets on offense at all times in the field of play (Helmets will be provided by MSCR).

Every hit in T-Ball is a single (and ONLY a single), and after hitting the ball the player will run to first base.  Even if a fielder makes an out on the hitter at bat, the hitter will still run to first base and stay on first base regardless of the outcome of the play.

Base runners will advance ONLY one base on each hit.  A runner is never ruled out in T-Ball regardless of what happens on the play.  (The exception to this rule is:  The Last Batter of the Inning Rule, where each base runner won’t stop running the bases until they touch home plate.

Throwing of the bat by a hitter will result in one warning for each player per game.  The second violation by the same player will result in the ball being ruled dead and the batter being ruled out and not allowed to run the bases.  (Coaches should stress the importance of not throwing the bat).

MSCR will not keep track of outs or scoring because there will be no standings.  This league is an Instructional league that is based on Participation by all players to improve general baseball skills.

Players cannot “steal bases” in T-Ball, and all base runners must wait to run until after the ball is hit.

After a ball is hit into fair territory, the defensive team will throw the ball to the player at first base.  Once the player at first base has the ball they will put the ball into the bucket located near first base.

The Last Batter of the Inning should be announced to both teams, as the last batter of the inning.  In order to end the inning once the ball is in play it must be thrown to the player at first base.

The base length for this program is 60 feet, and the pitcher’s plate is 35 feet from home plate.

Players should supply their own fielder’s glove, if possible.

The MSCR Supervisor will provide the following…balls, bats, tees, and helmets.

Every attempt will be made to play all games.  No rain dates have been scheduled.  If the dirt is too wet to play on, a field will be set up on the grass.  If it is raining at the start of the game, the decision to play the game will be made by the MSCR Field Supervisor, in consultation with the volunteer coaches.

MSCR’s Weather Line Number is (608) 204-3044 (Ext 2).