MSCR T-Ball, and Coach Pitch are both skill building programs.

The T-Ball and Coach Pitch programs teach the fundamentals of baseball skills, team play, and sportsmanship. The first two evenings are team practices, followed by six instructional games. Winning is not emphasized and scores are not maintained.


MSCR Staff will be responsible for the following:
Doing everything they can to ensure the SAFETY of all participants and staff
The set-up and take down of the playing field
Setting out the equipment and supplies
Checking the equipment to make sure it is in safe and good working condition
Making sure that all games (and practices) start and end on time
Working as the Home Plate Umpire 
Working as the First Base Umpire 
Working as the Third Base Umpire
Filling in as the bench coach when needed (getting players ready to bat)
Being the designated pitcher for both teams (Coach Pitch Only)
Responding to all of the parents and coaches questions/concerns