Youth Soccer League Philosophy, Structure & Registration Procedures

This is a Recreational League. Winning is not emphasized and scores are not recorded. The emphasis is on fun, fitness, making new friends, sportsmanship and learning the sport.

How to form a new team/or, register a returning team:

  1. Speak to all of the prospective families and be sure they are wanting to play prior to enrolling your child(ren). Each family has to register separately. You cannot register another family through your family account.
  2. Include the other player's full names in your family' registration under Special Requests or Player Requests.
  3. Include the team name, if known, and/or the coaches name, if known.
  4. Let the other families know which site you prefer to play at and have them indicate that in their registration.

New Players to the League: MSCR will place you on a team. Choose the “New Player” choice when registering.

Friends Requests: You can ask to play with other children as friends and they will be placed together, or you can indicate that you have a core group of players to form your own team. MSCR can add players to the team if needed. You can ask for the team to be in the co-ed or girls team at the U8 and above levels. Be sure to include the full names of each friend and use the correct spelling of their names. Be sure to communicate with them before registering to be sure they are actually interested. Use the same information in each family’s registration to connect the friends to each other (e.g. John Jones wants to play with Sally Strong).

Sibling Scheduling: MSCR makes every effort to schedule games so that siblings play back to back games at the same site each week (e.g. one game at 2pm and one at 3pm). MSCR cannot promise that this will always be possible. There are many siblings in the league. The 6v6 league travels more and plays east and west side games generally. Sometimes a younger sibling plays on the opposite side of town only so as to pair both youth on some Sundays at the same site.

Sibling Discount: Families with multiple children in the program will receive a $10.00 discount on the second and third, or any additional child after the first registration from the same family that registers in the same season.

Coaching Expectations:

  1. Parents are requested and needed to volunteer to coach. Training is provided; there are many new coaches each season.
  2. All coaches, new or returning, must register as a coach for the new season, so we don not assume that you will be back. We need to know. You enroll yourself as a volunteer if you want to coach.
  3. Coaches are asked to also educate themselves on how to best coach youth. MSCR provides some coach' training. Coaches can request that other parents that have soccer experience assist as possible.
  4. Coaches are asked to manage mismatches, games with a goal differential of 5 goals or more, by asking their players to use only their non-dominant foot to move the ball, by asking that each player on the team touches the ball once before shooting, by allowing the other team to play with an additional player, or to share players between teams. This will help to promote better learning and fair play for beginner to intermediate players that may be on the same team(s).

Coaches Training provided in two parts:

1. General Orientation for Coaches only to review philosophy and rules:

   Spring 2018 Session: April 16th, Monday night, 6-7:30 pm, Hoyt school.

2. Skill Drill Training: New and returning coaches and their players are welcome to attend free of charge, a Saturday training the day before the season begins, on April 21st. This training will teach skill drills that coaches can use with their team to learn the sport. Coaches and players actively engage in the skill drills to learn. Occurs at Cherokee middle school on the west side. 3v3 ages meet at either site from 9-11 am and 6v6 teams meet from 1 pm-3 pm. No registration necessary.

3. Bags of balls for practices: can be picked up at the end of the General Orientation indicated above at 7:30-8 pm and/or at the Skill Drill Training listed above from 11-11:30 am.

Player Age Group: MSCR recommends that youth play within their age group, or within three months of the age bracket (e.g. to play U4, must be at least 2 .75 years of age, and no more than 4.25 years old). Players can play up, move into a higher age bracket, if they are doing well and need a stronger learning situation. Players that have friends moving up, should not do this just to be with friends. They will not have the same experience. Timid, lesser skilled youth, or smaller sized children can stay with a lower age group as long as they are not placed there to dominate the age group.

Structure Choices:

  1. Age Groups: U4, 3-4 years of age; U6, 5-6 years old; U8, 7-8 years old; U10, 9-10 year olds and U12: 11-12 year olds
  2. New Player: Indicate if you are a new player and you will be placed on a team.
  3. Returning Player/Team: Returning players should indicate that they are returning to an existing team by listing the team name, or make a note that they would like to change teams. Returning teams should indicate their coach and the coach should indicate that they are willing to return as coach, i.e. actually register as a volunteer when registering their child (if a parent coach). All families on the team should indicate the coach’ full name and the full name of at least one other child on the team. The coach should indicate the full names of all players on the team in their family registration. Teams can use their existing team name or change it from season to season.
  4. Team Size:
    1. U4 and U6 play 3V3, 3 players on a team without a goalie;
    2. U8 and above play 6V6, 6 youth, with a goalie, on a larger field and with larger goals;
    3. Recommended team sizes are: 6-9 players for 3V3 and 10-14 players for 6V6.
  5. Gender Choices:
    1. U4 and U6 play co-ed only;
    2. U8 and above offers a Girls division, but it is optional; girls can choose to play co-ed if desired. We are receiving only about 20 registrations for this age and gender grouping at this time. We may only be able to offer one east side and one west side site depending on the number of registrations.
    3. Boys can choose only co-ed at all age groups.