General Soccer Information

Appropriate dress: Children should wear shin guards and supportive running shoes or rubber cleated soccer shoes.
T-shirts/jerseys are not included in the program fee. Pinnies are used at the site to identify each team. Please ask for them from and return them to the referee after each game. Teams can organize their own jerseys, if desired, at the cost of each family. Ad Madison has great prices!
Treats: You do not have to provide treats for the children. If providing treats to children, choose healthy snacks, no sugar drinks (sugar dehydrates the body).
Bathrooms: Port-a-potties are available on site. Schools are not open on Sundays.
Practice supplies: Balls, cones and a ball pump are loaned to each team. Coaches, please return to the referee at the last game marked with your team name.
Team size: We recommend that 3v3 teams (ages 3-6) have 6-10 players on each team. For 6v6: 10-14 is a good number. Coaches can use their discretion in this area based on the needs of your team. Playing time per child is reduced for larger teams.