Can we request more than 1 friend/sibling?
No, in order to create balanced teams we allow 1 friend/sibling request per participant. Please call 204-3026 if you have questions.

My child is not yet entering Kindergarten the fall can they still join T-Ball?
No, children need to be entering the correct grade to join T-Ball/Coach Pitch. For children ages 3-5 MSCR recommends Sports Skills. These courses are designed to prepare children to participate in organized sports. Please go to for more information.

My child is older than the listed grades, can they still join T-Ball/Coach Pitch?
No, children entering 2-3 grade are eligible for Coach Pitch. Children entering 4 grade or higher should check out our other programs. Please go to for more information.

What if my child is entering the correct grade for T-Ball/Coach Pitch, but does not fall within the standard age range for that grade?
Please call 204-3026. In most cases MSCR will be able to do an override if you child is entering the correct grade, but their birth date does not fall within the "typical" range.

When do kids get their team t-shirts?
The night of the second team practice is when MSCR would typically hand out team t-shirts.  However, if the shirts are not back from the printers by that date then the t-shirts will be handed out at the first game.

When will game schedules be available?
One week before the first game is when game schedules will make available online (during the week of the second practice.)


During the Season

What should my child bring to the first night of T-Ball or Coach Pitch?
-If your child has a baseball glove, please have them bring a baseball glove.  
-All other supplies are provided by MSCR (bats, balls, helmets).  
-If a child needs a glove they can borrow one for the night from MSCR (MSCR has a limited amount of gloves), but they must return it at the end of each night.
Children can bring their own bats, and helmets if desired.

Can my child switch teams?
No. MSCR does not let any child switch teams for any reason once the teams have been made and sent out.

If a child loses their t-shirt or wants a different size can they get a different shirt?
No, only one shirt is ordered per child. There are no extra t-shirts. MSCR cannot order extra t-shirts due to the high cost of t-shirt printing.
If a different t-shirt is needed, MSCR recommends wearing a shirt of the same color as their team as a replacement.

Do coaches HAVE to pitch in the coach pitch program?
No, encourages the staff to pitch for all teams and all coach pitch games and staff really enjoy this part of the job!  
If a coach wants to pitch they are welcome to do so, but pitching by coaches is not required.

What is the weather line number for youth sports at MSCR?

(608) 204 – 3044 (Extension 2)

What happens if the weather is bad/it is raining?
-Every attempt will be made to play all games.  No rain dates have been scheduled.  
-If the dirt is too wet to play on, a field will be set up on the grass.  If it is raining at the start of the game, the decision to play the game will be made by the MSCR Field Supervisor in consultation with the volunteer coaches.
-Please call the weather line after 4:00PM for up to date information - 204-3044 ext. 2.

If a youth baseball site is cancelled because of weather at say 5:30 pm will there be a game or practice at 7:00 pm if the weather gets better that same night?
NO, if a site cancels for bad weather at any time during the evening then the rest of the night’s games or practices are also cancelled.